Wollaber Back In Form, Wins At Holland

Wollaber Back In Form, Wins At Holland

Holland, New York, August 6th, 2016- In a caution-free race, Dave Wollaber managed to make it back to Victory Lane once more after misfortunes at last week’s race cost him the win. Wollaber once again would drive his way to the front from midpack, taking the lead early in the race.

Scott Gleed would begin the race on pole, with Vinnie Christiano III starting beside him. The two would battle for first place, with Christiano III finally pulling ahead on the second lap. By the next lap, all three of the Englewood Collision cars occupied the top 3, with Christiano III in the lead, followed by Vinnie Christiano, Jr. and Dave Wollaber. Wollaber would take the lead with 16 laps to go, with his teammates in trail and still in the top 3.

Erik Musto made his way past Christiano III to take 3rd place with 14 to go. Meanwhile, Kyle Hutchinson was battling his way through traffic to catch the leaders, passed Musto and Christiano III, and closed in  with 10 laps to go. Hutchinson took second place from Christiano, Jr. in the closing stages of the race, but was unable to catch Wollaber. Despite a broken caliper with two laps left, Wollaber would go on to win the race.

Last week at the Jerry Gradl Mini Indy 50, Wollaber cut a tire at the halfway break, and as a result, had to come into the pits for a replacement, finishing 2nd in a race he was capable of winning. Tonight, however, despite a mechanical failure, he was still able to take the win over Kyle Hutchinson. Wollaber explained after the race that the biggest factor in winning the race despite a broken part is his experience as a driver.

It was not just Wollaber who had something to celebrate, as Christiano III also reached a milestone in his rookie season. He not only led laps at the start of the race, but also finished a career best of 6th place. He stated that his confidence was definitely improving behind the wheel, but at the same time, he noted it is imperative to continue to take the advice of his teammates. “I keep listening to [Christiano, Jr. and Wollaber],” Christiano III stated after the race, “In the heat, they [said] you look okay, but then going into the corner you’re doing this, so try and change it. So I did it, and sure enough, in the feature, it worked.”

“It’s very special,” Christiano, Jr. said about his son’s performance, “I don’t know how to describe it. It’s nice to run good as a racer yourself. When it’s your son out there racing and leading three laps, running behind him. Like I was telling [Wollaber], I was smiling in my helmet more than I was swearing at him to get him out of my way. Very proud of my son for going from learning this year to starting to get the hang of it. He’s learning, he’s getting faster, and he’s smooth.”

Hutchinson and the Casey’s Truck Salvage team were also pleased with their 2nd place finish. Hutchinson believes the team is getting back on the right track, and while there still is room for improvement, he is still confident about the rest of the season. “I think we finally got the car set up pretty close to where it should be,” he says, and explained how he felt his car was just as capable of Wollaber’s. “I would have liked to see a caution towards the end. I think we would have had something for him.”

The NYPA Midget Association races next week at Holland again on Saturday, August 13th. Not only is it Dunkin Donuts NASCAR Hometown Heroes night, but the midway will feature the Nationwide Insurance Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Show Car and Simulator as well. Adult admission is $12; Students 8-15 years old $7; and children 7 and younger FREE. Family passes are also available for $25. For more information, please visit HollandSpeedway.com.



  1. Dave Wollaber
  2. Kyle Hutchinson
  3. Vinnie Christiano, Jr.
  4. Erik Musto
  5. AJ Hessler
  6. Vinnie Christiano III
  7. Chad Haywood
  8. Scott Gleed
  9. Charlie DiRosa
  10. Ronnie Flaim
  11. Jeff Patton
  12. Jim Musto
  13. Patrick Smith
  14. Jamie Pew
  15. Tony Petrea
  16. Chuck Kowalske
  17. Arik McGruder


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