Holland, New York, November 17th, 2018- Capping off an exciting 2018 season, the Track at Hillside held its annual awards banquet at the Holland Willows, with the Jerry Gradl Motors NYPA Midget Association honoring its distinguished drivers as part of the celebrations. Be it for on-track exploits or for being an instrumental part in WNY open-wheel racing, competitors and individuals working behind the scenes were among those who were recognized for their contributions this season.

The Jerry Gradl Motors NYPA Midget Association’s trophies stood tall and proud in the banquet hall, bearing the names of the top three finishers in this year’s points race. The grandest of the the bunch was the 2018 champions trophy, a token of the incredible and almost superhuman performance that Dave Wollaber thrilled crowds with during the season on his way to the title. Runner up Kyle Hutchinson, with eight feature wins to his name and first-time winner Erik Musto rounded out the podium in the points race, each receiving trophies in commemoration of their performance.

Hutchinson’s second place finish in the Jerry Gradl Motors NYPA Midget Association wasn’t the only accolade he received; the NYPA runner-up also managed to score the Track at Hillside championship as well. While mechanical issues early in the season prevented him from taking the title over Wollaber, his strong performances at the Track at Hillside were enough to keep his rival from sweeping both championships this year.

Hutchinson summed up his season quite simply when he said, “Even though we got eight wins on the whole tour,” “those two DNF’s hurt the points battle without Dave (Wollaber) missing a race… Usually if we won (Dave Wollaber) was finishing right behind us, so it was tough to make up that ground.”

The Jerry Gradl Motors NYPA Midget Association would like to extend thanks to all who helped out throughout the year. Wylie Race Performance and their contributions to the point fund, Jerry Gradl Motors’ sponsorship of the series, and Double Clutch’s website and promotional work all played a major part in making this season possible. However, the series would not exist if it wasn’t for the support of the drivers and fans of the NYPA Midget Association.

About NYPA Midgets: The Jerry Gradl Motors NYPA Midget, series sanctions three-quarter midget racing in western New York and Pennsylvania. TQ midgets are known for high stakes, wheel to wheel, short track racing action and have thrilled crowds across the country for over fifty years. The NYPA Midget Association carries on that tradition of excitement at tracks like The Track at Hillside (formerly Holland Speedway), Lake Erie Speedway and Lancaster National Speedway. Check the NYPA Midget Association website www.NYPAMidgets.com for the schedule, points, and news. Find us on Facebook for up to date event information, photos, and more. Be sure to like and share with your friends.

About Jerry Gradl Motors: Since 1958 Jerry Gradl Motors has provided exceptional sales and professional service to western New York motorists. Half of their customers are referrals or repeats, which means they provide outstanding customer service. The Gradl name is a staple in WNY motorsports and will be for years to come. Jerry Gradl Motors has two locations to choose from, one at 711 Niagara Falls Blvd, North Tonawanda NY and the other located at 6704 Transit Rd. Williamsville.


2018 NYPA Midget Association Awards:

2018 NYPA Midget Association – Champion: #1 Dave Wollaber

2018 NYPA Midget Association – 2nd Place: # 88 Kyle Hutchinson

2018 NYPA Midget Association – 3rd Place: #6 Erik Musto

2018 NYPA Midget Association – 4th Place: #2 Vinnie Christiano Jr.

2018 NYPA Midget Association – 5th Place: #90 A.J. Hessler

2018 NYPA Midget Association – Rookie of the Year: #29 Cameron Ruggiero

2018 NYPA Midget Association – Thank You!  For your Support of NYPA Midget Racing: Jerry Gradl Motors

2018 NYPA Midget Association – Thank You!  For your Support: Liz Hessler

2018 NYPA Midget Association – Thank You!  For your Support: Dennis Haslam


2018 Jerry Gradl Motors NYPA Midget Association Final Points

# Driver Name Car # Points

1 Dave Wollaber 1 2620

2 Kyle Hutchinson 88 2505

3 Erik Musto 6 2330

4 Vinnie Christiano 2 2325

5 A.j. Hessler 90 2210

6 Ted Jones, Jr. 5 2045

7 Tony Petrea 71 1920

8 Chad Haywood 42 1850

9 Jamie Pew 05 1765

10 Vinnie Christiano Iii 3 1720

11 Tim Nies 44 1685

12 Kevin Wilson 14 1675

13 Cameron Ruggiero 29 1480

14 Patrick Smith 02 1140

15 Chester Haywood 43 1110

16 Andy Nye 66 1060

17 Mark Schulz 32m 845

18 Ronnie Flaim 02 760

19 Arik Mcgruder 21 710

20 Andy Jankowiak 01 700

21 Tommy Catalano 98 530

22 Jim Musto 4 525

23 Tony Hanbury 39 465

24 Sean Mcnamara 32 415

25 Ryan Fraser 94 315

26 Jeremy Conklin 19 285

27 Jerry Toms 08 270

28 Jeremy Haudricourt 34 200

29 Ryan Hessler 00 180

30 Brandon Zavarella 91 165

31 Timex Morgan 0 160

32 Timmy Catalano 32 135

33 Patrick Emerling 21x 130

34 Jimmy Smith 02 115

35 Adrian Stahle 50 110

36 Jimmy Wilkins 02 105

37 Dan Glaser 01 105

38 Mike Nelson 01 100

39 Shawn Nye 66 95

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