Nye Shakes Off Gremlins, Wins At Lancaster

Nye Shakes Off Gremlins, Wins At Lancaster

Lancaster, New York, July 23rd, 2016- Recovering from a flip at Holland and engine problems during previous races, Andy Nye scored his first win of the season at Lancaster National Speedway. Nye faced tough competition from Bobby Holmes and Dave Wollaber, but was able to take the lead from Holmes and hold off the two drivers long enough to see the checkers.

Starting on the pole, Vinnie Christiano III led the field to the green flag. The yellow flag came out just a lap later after Kevin Wilson spins in turn 1 due to brake issues. Damaging the starter, Wilson needed a push from a support truck to get his car going again.

On the restart, the field quickly went four-wide going into turn 1, however without any incident. Bobby Holmes challenged Vinnie Christiano, and took the lead on lap 4 with Andy Nye in pursuit from 2nd place. The caution came out once more after Chad Haywood spun in turn 1.

Holmes continued to lead on the restart, with Andy Nye, Dave Wollaber, Tommy Catalano, and Shawn Nye rounding the top 5 out. It looked as if another caution would come out after Catalano and Wollaber made light contact in turn 1 on the restart, sending the former backwards through the field. In addition, Tommy’s car seemed to have taken some damage from the incident, as his car began to bottom out in the turns.

Continuing to challenge Holmes, Andy Nye made his move into the lead, taking advantage of his superior entry to move around the race leader. Despite taking the lead, Andy Nye would have to deal with Wollaber and Holmes on his tail- two drivers who were threats to win.

On lap 15 came another caution, this time for Haywood losing control in turn 1. This set the drivers up for a final 5-lap shootout, with Andy Nye, Holmes, and Wollaber in the top 3. Wollaber and Holmes would battle side-by-side briefly until Patrick Smith spun in turn 1, bringing out the final caution of the night.

This restart, Holmes defended his position from Wollaber, and focuses on reclaiming the lead. Despite being on Andy’s bumper, Holmes was unable to find a way around Nye before the checkered flag;  proving Nye was up for the challenge and went on to  claim his first victory of the season.

“I just started adjusting on her,” he says, “The car felt good and I made the right adjustments just before the feature. The thing was just a rocket.”

Andy described Holmes as being a tough driver to pass, but he saw an opportunity on corner entry and was able to take advantage of it. He explained that he may have caught Holmes off his guard during the feature, but regardless, Andy felt that taking the win against him is an accomplishment that boosted morale.

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For more information, visit www.hollandspeedway.com

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  1. Andy Nye
  2. Bobby Holmes
  3. Dave Wollaber
  4. Shawn Nye
  5. Erik Musto
  6. AJ Hessler
  7. Vinnie Chirstiano
  8. Chad Haywood
  9. Tommy Catalano
  10. Sean McNamara
  11. Vinnie Christiano III
  12. Chris Bauman
  13. Charlie DiRosa
  14. Patrick Smith
  15. Chuck Kowalske
  16. Scott Gleed
  17. Jamie Pew
  18. Kevin Wilson


J.P. Windschitl

NYPA Midget Association


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