Shawn Nye Scores Season First Win At Holland

Shawn Nye Scores Season First Win At Holland

Holland, NY, July 16h, 2016- In a twenty car field at Holland International Speedway, Shawn Nye took the win after holding off a hard-charging Dave Wollaber. Rebounding from a DNF last week, this was Shawn’s first win of the season.

Chad Haywood began the evening in pole position, with Charlie DiRosa to his outside. Immediately at the start of the race, Vinnie Christiano found himself in a tight group of cars, and after contact in turn 1, spun out up high. Christiano would try to get the car going again, but the right front suspension took damage, and caused him to spin into the wall.

On the restart, Shawn Nye looked fast, with him taking the lead in turn 2 on the second lap. On lap 3, Kyle Hutchinson made it into 2nd place and began to hunt down Nye. Around lap 3, the second caution came out for a serious incident on the backstretch when Andy Patton exited turn 2 too high and wound up getting the car loose. He lost control and flipped down the back straightaway, resulting in a red flag as safety workers rushed to his car.

“I’m glad they did,” says Patton, “I saw a light behind my dash- I thought it was sparks. When I first thought I saw it I saw fuel.”

Patton did not escape the accident unharmed, as he potentially broke his scapula, and as a precautionary measure, was given an arm sling by the medical crew.

The accident was cleaned up, and the drivers fired their engines back up again. However, the 32 of Sean McNamara had engine issues, and he could not fire the engine up as the red flag period ended. It seemed that he would have to wait for a push truck, but in a show of sportsmanship, Scott Gleed gave him a push from behind to allow McNamara to fire the engine back up.

With the race back underway, Nye continued to lead ahead of Hutchinson, but Dave Wollaber was able to fight his way to 3rd around lap 5. He caught Hutchinson with 7 laps to go, made the pass for 2nd, and steadily reeled in Nye. With 3 laps to go, Wollaber was within striking distance of Nye, and unsuccessfully tried making a pass on the backstretch. On the final lap, Wollaber had one more chance to get by Nye on the inside. Despite a peek to the bottom, Wollaber could not complete the pass in turn 2, and Nye took the checkered flag in a close finish.

“Wollaber was coming,” Nye said after the race, “He was definitely real good. We got the white flag, I think, and I’d actually seen him down low. So the second last lap, I went low, and I think that’s what won it for me.”

Nye was confident that once he saw Wollaber coming, he would have his work cut out for him. As we wrapped up our conversation, Nye left me with his thoughts about what he might have to do to maintain his lead over Wollaber. If he wanted to find victory lane on that gorgeous summer night, he had to play his defensive game cleanly and effectively. Nye guarded low during the last lap, hindering an advance on what some might consider Wollaber’s preferred line. Held him off he did, and did so cleanly, granting him the win for the first time this season.

“I thought about that move since Wednesday night,” says Nye, “I was thinking about it. I thought I was gonna get out front, because I had to start 4th, and I knew Dave was gonna be quick as hell, as he always is.”

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  1. Shawn Nye
  2. Dave Wollaber
  3. Kyle Hutchinson
  4. Erik Musto
  5. Chad Haywood
  6. AJ Hessler
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  8. Charlie DiRosa
  9. Ronnie Flaim
  10. Arik McGruder
  11. Sean McNamara
  12. Scott Gleed
  13. Vinnie Christiano III
  14. Chuck Kowalske
  15. Patrick Smith
  16. Jim Musto
  17. Gordon Steffen
  18. Andy Patton
  19. Vinnie Christiano

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