Kyle Hutchinson Scores First Win of 2016

Kyle Hutchinson Scores First Win of 2016

Lancaster, New York, August 20th, 2016- Kyle Hutchinson was the driver to beat when the Jerry Gradl NYPA Midgets returned to Lancaster National Speedway. Taking his first win of the season, Hutchinson carefully navigated lap traffic and held off Dave Wollaber during the 20 lap feature.

During the heat races, AJ Hessler found himself in a predicament when his motor let go. Nursing the car back to the pits, he was unable to race his familiar #01 car in the feature. Caught in a points battle between Erik Musto and Vinnie Christiano, it seemed as if Hessler would not have a chance to score points. However, by virtue of having a good teammate, Hessler would not sit the race out, as Patrick Smith allowed for him to pilot his #02 car during the feature.

Arik McGruder started the race on the pole and held onto first place until Kyle Hutchinson made his way to the front on lap 2. Hutchinson immediately put distance between second place, and by lap 4, had a considerable lead. In spite of this, Dave Wollaber continued to push through the field, making his way to 5th by lap 7.

The first caution of the night was for Vinnie Christiano III, who spun out in turn 1 after making contact with Chad Haywood. Christiano III stated that he pushed the car too hard trying to pass Haywood, and wound up spinning as a result.

On the restart, the drivers seemed eager to get back to racing, as the field went four wide on the frontstretch heading into turn 1. Immediately as the field entered turn 1, Mark Schulz went around, bringing out the second caution.

The next restart saw changes in position, with Erik Musto, Tommy Catalano, and Wollaber passing McGruder. Wollaber and Catalano battled for position, and Wollaber managed to take third away from Catalano on lap 9. Running 4th for a few more laps, Catalano took third back from Musto on lap 11.

On lap 14, Bobby Holmes, with a hung throttle, went off-course in the turn 3 grass. A caution flag was not brought out for the incident, and the race continued. By lap 17, Wollaber made it to 2nd place, but lap traffic forced the leaders off their lines. Hutchinson kept himself composed, knowing full and well that Wollaber would also be slowed by traffic too. Keeping a cool head, Hutchinson took the checkers and won his first feature of the season.

“There was a lot of lap traffic in the second half of the race,” said Hutchinson, “I had to go to the outside quite a bit, which there’s no outside groove here. I knew I was slowing up quite a bit going to the outside around the lap traffic, but I knew he had to go around him too.”

Hutchinson also noted that his car was understeering, especially on the center. The team made a stagger adjustment on the rear, but it still was not enough to completely remedy the tight handling of the car. He said that he had his doubts in regards to how he compared to others, but in the end, still managed to score an elusive feature win.

The Jerry Gradl NYPA Midgets will race next week at Holland on Saturday, August 28th for Boy Scout Night at the Races. Adult admission is $12; Students 8-15 $7; Children under 7 FREE; and Family Passes are $25. For more information, please visit



  1. Kyle Hutchinson
  2. Dave Wollaber
  3. Tommy Catalano
  4. Andy Nye
  5. Erik Musto
  6. Vinnie Christiano
  7. AJ Hessler
  8. Arik McGruder
  9. Ronnie Flaim
  10. Chad Haywood
  11. Sean McNamara
  12. Mark Schulz
  13. Charlie DiRosa
  14. Chris Bauman
  15. Scott Gleed
  16. Jim Musto
  17. Vinnie Christiano III
  18. Jamie Pew
  19. Tony Petrea
  20. Kevin Wilson
  21. Bobby Holmes
  22. Andy Patton

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